IA/IE/PELS Jt. Chapter, the only Joint chapter in IEEE Kerala Section is now one of the most vibrant and active Society chapters. Industry applications society (IAS), Industrial Electronics Society (IES) and Power Electronics Society (PELS) are the constituent of the join chapter.

The Jt. Chapter was established in 2008. After 10 years, with the new Office bearers IAS has got the largest number of members. As on Sept. 23rd, the Jt. Chapter has 875 members including 109 senior level members, 55 Graduate Student Members & 694 student members. Power Electronics Society with 315 members (12.06% in R10) out of which 237 (9.15% in R10) are student members. The membership growth in 2018 was very remarkable.

From the membership count details, it’s clear that IAS Chapter, Kerala Section, is growing exponentially. Also accounting the same, Kerala chapter is the biggest IAS chapter in the world in terms of number of student branch chapters, and the end results would be an independent IAS Kerala Chapter.